Plastic Pellets for Weighted Blankets & Crafts


✓Made in the USA   ✓Machine Washable & Dryable  ✓Non-Toxic, BPA Free  ✓Hypo-Allergenic 

✓Anti-Microbial  ✓Premium Virgin Quality  ✓Satisfaction Guaranteed

RolyPoly premium craft pellets can be used as a weighted stuffing material for a variety of projects, including Weighted Blankets, Weighted Vests, Crossfit Bags, I-Spy Bags, Life Like Dolls, Stuffed Animals, Draft Stoppers, Beanie Plush Animals, Foot Sacks...and more!

Our plastic pellets are made from 100% virgin plastic - the same type of plastic used in food packaging and never from recycled plastic trash.

Why use plastic pellets instead of glass beads or sand?  Glass beads and sand may contain silica which is toxic and possible harmful if breathed in.  Our plastic pellets are non-toxic, machine washable & dryable.  

Why use plastic pellets instead of organic material like rice, beans or corn?  If you ever want wash you weighted blanket or other craft, you will want to use 100% virgin plastic pellets.  Organic filling material can not be washed without affecting the material and creating a mildew/mold issue.