Poly Plastic Pellets (3 LBS)

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100% VIRGIN, USA-MADE POLY PLASTIC PELLETS: Pure and safe, our prime plastic pellets are Non-toxic, BPA Free, Hypoallergenic & Odorless. Made in the USA of prime select grade polymers. Beware of other poly beads that may be made from recycled plastic.

WASHER & DRYER SAFE: Feel confident that your items will last for years to come. Our plastic craft stuffing beads are safe to wash & dry in residential and commercial machines.

MILDEW & MOLD RESISTANT: Roly Poly plastic filler beads are non-porous and will not break down like organic materials (corn, rice, beans, etc). They can be easily cleaned, sanitized and reused.

MULTIPLE USES: Our craft poly plastic pellets are best for stuffing & filling weighted blankets, therapy blankets, anxiety blankets, weighted vests, i-Spy bags, lap pads, stuffed animals, plush toys, draft stoppers or draft snakes, rifle or gun rests, bean toss bags, fitness bags, lifelike or reborn dolls, sensory development products or as an alternative to play sand or sandbox sand. Also a great add-in for smile to add texture and a satisfying crunchy feel.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Available in 3 LBS, 5 LBS, 10LBS, 25LBS, 50LBS & 100LBS bulk poly plastic pellet sizes.