Rock Tumbling Media (3 LBS) Plastic Pellets for Rock Tumbler, Polisher, Filler Beads, Grit, Supplies

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  • PROTECT & CUSHION YOUR STONES: Roly Poly rock tumbling plastic pellet media is designed to be used as a filler and cushion for polishing stones in rotary tumblers. The plastic pellets help protect and pillow your rocks during tumbling. They are especially important for soft, delicate or brittle stones during every stage of the polishing process. Can be used and any stage in addition to grit and other media. A must-have supply for any rock hound, hobbyist or professional gem cutter!

  • REDUCE TUMBLING NOISE: Rock tumblers can be noisy and one way to turn down the volume is to add our soft, plastic pellets for rock tumbling to your loads.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY MEDIA: Our smooth, round plastic pellets for rock tumblers are made from virgin polymers and not from recycled material. Beware of recycled material as it may not last as long and could be contaminated with other substances that could affect your results. BPA-free, food packaging grade plastic.

  • REUSABLE & 100% RECYCLABLE: The plastic tumbler beads will float in water, so you can skim them off of the top and use again and again. Clean and dry well to avoid contamination in subsequent batches. Feel good knowing that the pellets are also recyclable.

  • MADE IN THE USA: We are proud that our rock tumbler supplies, and media are made and packaged in the USA.